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About us
Gauss Computer Co. Ltd. established in 1985 (Taiwan). Specialized in research, development and manufacture products of fingerprint verifier (GF2000-A20 series),
RFID Time recorder (GF2000-S20 series), Palm Vein Verifier (GV3000 series) for usages of Time & Attendance, Access Control, Personal Identification, etc. We pursuit the best biometric products & solutions for our customers, and integrate the most valuable hardware and software to improve the cost-performance aims.

‧ New technology of palm vein recognition Including Infrared sensor and algorithm by Fujitsu, Palm Vein Verifier GV3000 products.
‧ GF2000-A20 Fingerprint Verifiers have been installed in most large quantity cases in Taiwan.

‧ GV3000 series Palm Vein Verifier
‧ GF2000-A20 series Fingerprint Verifier
‧ GF2000-S20 series RFID Time Recorder
‧ System management software of GF2000 & GV3000
‧ For Time attendance system (Time clock), Access Control System (Security)